Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Genesis Building Systems provides a thorough and detailed fire extinguisher inspection and testing in Columbus, Ohio.

About our Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Columbus, OH

Fire Extinguisher Services: Inspections and testing will be provided by or under the supervision of certified technicians for the fire extinguishers, and totals given for units in the building on an annual basis unless special provisions are provided. Any deficiencies found during inspections will be documented on the report. Deficiencies may incur additional charges including but not limited to (6 year maintenance, Hydrostatic testing, Low pressure’s). Inspections will include the following of the buildings extinguishers.

  • Visual inspection of all extinguishers, their pressures, hangers/cabinets.
  • Fire extinguisher is free of any physical damage.
  • Check testing, maintenance and manufacturing dates.
  • Inspect valve and hose assemblies.
  • All extinguishers are visible and free of obstructions.
  • Verify Extinguishers are of the proper type, rating and spacing for the given hazards.
  • Remove and attach new Certification tags for all passed extinguishers.