Autocall Fire Alarm Systems

In an unpredictable world where the unexpected can be devastating, early detection is of high priority. There is one system to ensure safety, security and the peace of mind of your clients. AUTOCALL.

From small applications to mid-sized facilities, to large infrastructures, Autocall advanced fire detection technologies are engineered to meet your client's every needs. Built on a legacy of best in class Johnson Controls technology, Autocall systems provide a full suite of fire detection products which include sensors and initiating devices, integrated work stations, large assortment of notification appliances from the only company to offer fully addressable notification appliances. Autocall control units are backward and forward compatible, allowing for technology enhancements on previous investments; scaleable, meeting the precise needs of your clients and capable of handling basic applications for the most complex projects.

Autocall's layered design lets you choose which components best suit your needs. Not only helping to reduce the overall costs, but allowing you to create a system that is completely customizable to the unique demands of your clients. Our line of control units incorporate both conventional and addressable technologies.

4007 ES

The 4007 ES facilitates 100 - 250 points, making it ideal for small facilities with both conventional and addressable capabilities.

4010 ES

The 4010 ES is addressable and networkable, supports up to 1000 detectors, modules or manual stations, making it ideal for small to mid-sized facilities.

4100 ES

The 4100 ES addressable panel supports up to 2500 addressable points, can be networked, offer voice notifications, audio capability and is listed for multi-hazard suppression release control.

A world leader in fire detection systems, Autocall delivers superior fire detection technologies that are easy to install, simple to service and cost effective. The Autocall product line is offered to you through our indirect channel partners in North America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Through our sophisticated, innovative tools, quoting and product ordering is seamless and intuitive. We provide world class customer service and technical training geared at making your team experts on all Autocall technologies.

Max Value Program

Our max value program leverages our scale and buying power to help provide you the most economical way of purchasing third party resources and parts through Autocall. Choosing Autocall, you choose the best fire detection line of products. Choosing Autocall, you choose to protect life and assets. Autocall: never compromise!