Fire Pump Inspection

Genesis Building Systems provides supervised testing and a thorough inspection of your fire pump system in Columbus, Ohio.

About our Fire Pump Systems Inspection in Columbus, OH

Fire Pump: Testing for all Fire Pumps and related systems will be preformed by or under the supervision of a certified technician to ensure all systems meet or exceed NFPA standards. Testing results will be documented for further reporting. Any deficiencies will also be documented and are subject to additional charges for repair or replacement in addition to regular inspection billing including but not limited too (repacking glands, replacement of relief valves, repair or replacement of pump). The following are a list of services provided during our inspection of the fire pump systems.

  • Preform pump flow test to verify pump meets or exceeds rated flow.
  • Proper operation of Jockey Pump and controller.
  • Inspect and adjust packing glands as needed.
  • Ensure proper operation of run timers and control units.
  • Verify proper operation of pressure and casting relief valves.