Sprinkler Systems Inspection

Genesis Building Systems provides an accurate and highly detailed inspection for both wet sprinkler systems and dry sprinkler systems in Columbus, Ohio.

About our Sprinkler Systems Inspection in Columbus, OH

Wet / Dry Sprinkler Systems: Sprinkler system inspections and testing will be provided by or under the supervision of a certified technician for all accessible devices. Deficiencies will be listed and may result in additional charges for the replacement, repair of systems and or devices separately of the regularly billed inspections including but not limited to (pipe repair or replacement, tamper or flow devices and dated gauges). Documentation of the following will be provided with the technicians reports.

  • Sprinkler riser, stand pipes, low points, pre-action and deluge systems.
  • Dry system air and wet system water pressures. Full and partial trips.
  • Yearly draining of low points in dry systems identified by customer.
  • Ensure devices properly communicate with fire panel and monitoring systems.
  • Flow water and record proper initiation of alarms.
  • Inspect all FDC connections.
  • Perform main drain testing on all riser systems notating static and residual pressures.