Kitchen Hood Inspection

Genesis Building Systems provides highly detailed inspection by a certified technician for kitchen hood & industrial suppression systems in Columbus, Ohio.

About our Kitchen Hood Inspection in Columbus, OH

Kitchen Hood & Industrial Suppression Systems: Testing and repairs for all kitchen hood and industrial suppression systems will be performed by or under the supervision of a certified technician to ensure all systems meet or exceed NFPA standards. Documentation of all work rendered will be provided as well as deficiencies found during the inspection process. Repairs or replacement parts will be billed separately of the regular inspection. A new inspection tag will be provided for all systems compliant with the manufacture and appropriate NFPA standards. The following is a list of services provided during the inspection process.

  • Verification of proper size and type of system being used.
  • Verify systems are with-in the appropriate maintenance dates.
  • Proper operation of initiating system in place to ensure distribution of chemical.
  • Manual pull stations are connected and proper operation.
  • Replacement of fusible links if applicable.
  • Fuel/electrical shutdowns are operational.