Fire Alarm Inspections

Genesis Building Systems provides high quality fire alarm systems and devices in Columbus, Ohio.

About Fire Alarm Inspections in Columbus, OH

Fire Alarm Systems & Devices: Inspections and testing will be provided by or under the supervision of certified technicians for the accessible devices listed and currently reporting to the facility fire alarm system. Documentation of the following will be provided with the technician report. Testing will be provided on an annual basis unless special provisions are provided. Any discrepancies found will be documented on previously described report. Additional services & charges may be incurred to rectify any deficiencies found during inspections. The additional services will be invoiced separately to the regularly billed inspections. A new inspection tag will be given on a pass fail basis by the certified technician performing the inspection.

  • Device types and totals. Including but not limited to (notification devices, smokes, ducts, heats, pull stations, NAC panels, annunciators)
  • Floor, location, system address or zone of each device tested.
  • Deficiency Notes, Test results and applicable voltage readings.
  • Verify alarm initiating alarm devices, trouble/supervisory initiating devices properly transmit to fire panel systems & annunciators.
  • Verify all primary and auxiliary power sources are properly charging & battery backups are within acceptable date ranges per NFPA standards.
  • Verify system properly communicates with monitoring company.
  • Verify operation of all life safety functions including but not limited to, Occupant Notification Systems, HVAC Shutdowns, Elevator Recalls and Door Releases.