Exit and Emergency Lighting

We perform 90 Minute NFPA Annual Testing, Monthly Testing, Maintenance and replacement of existing units.

Stay Safe with Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Exit and Emergency Lighting can help to provide a safe exit during an emergency, or when the lights go out unexpectedly. Our line of exit lighting and emergency lighting products are designed with dependability, efficiency, and safety in mind. From pole-mounted, wall-mounted, and hand-held exit signs to battery backup alarms for emergency lighting products.

Keep Your Building Safe with 90 Minute NFPA Annual Testing!

NFPA 90 Minute Annual Testing is the NFPA's mandatory annual testing standard that requires your facility or location to test their emergency lights and exit signs annually. This ensures that all of your employees will be able to exit the building safely in an emergency situation.

  • We perform 90 Minute NFPA Annual Testing for emergency lighting and exits on: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Data Centers and Schools all over Columbus, Ohio.
  • Our emergency light testing supports property management firms with testing needs, educational facilities, and municipal facilities including schools and detention centers.
  • The Leader in Emergency Lighting Services!

    We pride ourselves as the leader in emergency lighting services! GBS Alarm Systems offers NFPA 90 minute testing programs for exit signs and emergency lighting systems. Westech certifies your systems and documents their compliance with NFPA, IFC, NEC and UL standards.

    Schedule your Emergency Light and Exit Sign Testing Now!

    NFPA requirements require that emergency lighting and exits be inspected on a regular basis to ensure code compliance. For clients who request this service, we will travel to your location and evaluate the building for NFPA compliance. We'll remove the charging devices from exit signs, inspect emergency lights to verify proper operation, and visually examine the building for disabled or broken luminaires. We will also verify that there is no visible damage to the luminaires or the exit path, and that floor indicators are in proper position and undamaged. We will then perform a functional test of all emergency lights to verify code compliance, and provide a detailed report of our findings.